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Leandro Baseggio
Greetings, I believe that my experience in different formats and environments can be of great value! My expertise is in editing/post-production however I've worked in different areas of audiovisual and social communication. I master the Adobe. I have an MBA in Business Management, a Digital Marketing course, I master Portuguese, English and Italian and have some knowledge of Spanish. I've got organizational skills, analytical skills, experience with partnerships, digital communication, marketing and social media. LINKEDIN: http://bit.ly/LINKEDIN_BASEGGIO Here's a bit of my story: I have been working as an editor since 2001 witch gave me experience in several formats, languages and work environments. I am fast, thorough and eager for challenges! My professional career so far is mainly based in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and started at Cinerama Brasilis. As a small production agency it allowed me to move through many of the functions of audiovisual. I stayed there until I graduated from the UFRJ School of Communication. I joined Proview and worked for large clients such as Coca-Cola, Petrobras and L'Óreal. After that I went to Italy to study cinema and after a year went back to Brazil where I instantly got a job at Globosat Programadora, where I stayed for 8 years. Through this period I was also acting as a small business owner. I was a partner of Fúria Filmes and after that at mz3, until founding - in 2012 - a ContraPlano that is my audiovisual company in Brazil. In this trajectory I learned a lot, gained experience and patience. Lead teams, direct recordings, set up schedules and budgets, and handle multiple clients. Some of my works can be seen at http://bit.ly/BASEGGIOREEL, highlighting the programs that are formed for the GNT channel: XYZies - http://bit.ly/XYZies ALGAR – http://bit.ly/algar TELECINE – http://bit.ly/tc_tim_maia HAITI ANTES DO TERREMOTO – http://bit.ly/haitiat QUEM AMA ABRAÇA – http://bit.ly/qamaa BOAS-VINDAS – NASCE UM IRMÃO – http://bit.ly/boasvindasnui REFORMA DE CASAIS – http://bit.ly/reformadecasais DECORA – http://bit.ly/decora_gnt FAZENDO A FESTA – http://bit.ly/fazendoafesta_gnt PRAZER EM RECEBER – http://bit.ly/per_gnt QUE MARRAVILHA! – CHEFINHOS – http://bit.ly/qm_gnt Best Regards, Leandro Baseggio leandrobaseggio@gmail.com +351 914 650 134


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