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Ali Murtaza
With over 4 years of experience, I am a PERFECT UX/UI Designer & Developer for your project. I specialise in designing and developing websites for small to large size businesses. Whether their purpose is to showcase their business, build an affiliate business, generate sales leads, provide detailed product information, or even operate a full online store, I have the skills to develop the online presence your business NEEDS. My skills include: Abode XD, UX, UI, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, J Query, Bootstrap, WordPress, PSD to HTML, PSD to WordPress, PHP, MySQL, CRM Integration like ZOHO and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). For the WordPress websites I always make them completely customise-able so clients can change the photos, content, posts, pages, products and everything later on if they want, and to get this awesome functionality I prefer to use ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) plugin that I integrate with the front-end throughout the code and not only that if a client come to me who doesn't want ACF on his site so then I get all of that customise-able functionality done using WP Customizer API too, for the online stores I like to use WooCommerce plugin, and for the SEO I use Yoast SEO plugin as well. Developing a good rapport, strong reputation and regular communication is important to me. It ensures the project is completed to the specific guidelines required. I pride myself on providing the highest quality of work, and will never complete a project until the client is 100% satisfied.


Web Developer and WordPress Developer
Find work fast and gain experience and feedbackBy doing telecommuting jobs you do remote work from your home office anywhere in the world

Remote Jobs is a marketplace that connects workers with employers. makes hiring remote workers at an hourly rate easy, and soon will provide access to in-office work, and fixed-priced services. is a one-stop shop for any work related needs, we charge only 10% transaction fees.

Remote Work does not handle any of the employer's money, we simply direct deposit it through our Stripe payment gateway into the workers bank. You can request your money as long as your balance is over $0.29.

Telecommuting Jobs

By having less transaction fees than upwork and, we are tapping into economic principles of supply and demand. By charging less we can handle more volume. has 1 employee, Upwork has over 300 and a giant office. Upwork has to pay salaries for 300 people and a giant office bill, that’s why they charge 20%. They cannot afford to charge any less.

Career Gudiance

The site is easy to use, one of our beta testers is a 9 year old girl and she was able to create a job and hire a person. It’s so easy elementary school students can use it, not that we recommend child labor, of course not, but multilingual who may not know english very well can easily browse our site with elementary level words.

Who We Are

WorkFar is a marketplace that connects workers with employers in a way that is fair to both users.

It takes less than 10 minutes to master the site and will give you a lifetime of opportunity when your employers see you are a trusted expert. When you add value to your employers life I'm making a system faster or easier to use they will reward you for being the expert in your area. Workfar stands out of the way and let the magic happen when people come together.

Employers are protected my reviewing the video invoices of the worker and if there is a problem can dispute it. Workfar does not take large fees such as who takes 10% from both users. As of now the transaction fee is 0.01% which does not harm any of our users. We have designed it to be easy to use to non-native speakers and with our video conferencing you can now talk to your Indian Pakistani or thanks again workers in English and they will hear you in their native language.

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